Glenn Dolphin writes: There's a back story to this photo...

Joe and I were both applying for augmentation from reserve commissions to regular. A current photo was required to be included in the package to HQMC. We had to fly out to the Iwo, get into our Charlies and be photo'd by the ships photographer.

Joe had a polaroid camera and asked me to take a photo of him so that he would see how he would look before we met with the photog. I snapped one photo, the one you see him looking at in this photo. When I snapped the second one he got mad because I was wasting film.

On 10/23 I was standing on the BLT pile and saw a cardboard edge facing up from the wreckage. I thought it was a crypto card so a picked it up. It turned out to be that second photo. I've kept it ever since.