"This is the only picture that I have of Bob.
I took it of him. We were on top of an airport hangar at the Beirut Airport guarding Vice President Bush and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Vessey.

This picture was with him when he was killed but, some of the rescue workers found it and
it was given back to me. Pretty special!"

- "Rock" McGlynn -

Photo courtesy of "Rock" McGlynn

Bob was our "Chief Scout" . He came to us from 29 Palms, CA. where he was stationed prior to coming to 1/8. He was a great shot and a good friend. He used to write short stories about a Sniper Team in his spare time.His call sign was "Angel of Death" and I remember how bad that he wanted to be out on the perimeter with the rest of us but, the powers that were kept him at the BLT with them.

When he would get out to check on us , you could just see in his eyes that he'd give anything to be out there with the rest of us. It's what he trained for and what he lived for. We used to chew a lot of tobacco and tell a lot of stories with Bob. His Dad was a Hunting Guide and he told me that he wanted to do the same once he got out.He loved Country music. His favorite song was by a guy named John Anderson, called "Swingin".

The picture (above) of SGT Conley is one that I took of him. We were both teamed up to cover Vice President George H. Bush and General Vessey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs) as they flew into Beirut Airport. This picture was with Bob when he was killed in the BLT building and rescue workers found it and by a stroke of fate it made it's way back to me!

Bob Conley was a great Sniper and another good friend that we all lost that day, October 23rd 1983. - "Rock" McGlynn

Story and photo courtesty "Rock" McGlynn and USMC Scout Sniper