From Carey Fabian:

Fabian, Carey
Contact with webmaster: 30 Jul 1998
Added to this database: 05 Aug 1998
Rank (at time): CPL-SGT / USMC
Rank (current): GYSGT (Still Active)
Lebanon Unit: STA PLT 2/8
Lebanon Deployment: 82, 83 & 84 (2 Tours)
Association: 2 Tours

Comments: It's good to see we have our own page. It's a fitting tribute to those we lost. I lost two of my men on the OP with Sgt Cox and his people. It's been many years but I'd like to hear from Steve Russell and Mike Toma. We served together at ITS in 84 and 85. To the families and friends who lost loved ones in Lebanon, as long as we remember them, they are never gone. I do, every morning I pull my boots on. . . . SEMPER FI

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