From John Nash:

Nash, John W.
Contact with webmaster: 28 Sept 1997
Added to this database: 18 Oct. 1997
Rank (at time): (pending) / USMC
Rank (current): GySGT / USMC
Lebanon Unit: MSSG-24, 22nd MAU
Currently Living: Okinawa, JAPAN
Lebanon Deployment: APR 83 - DEC 83
Association: -

Comments: My name is Gysgt John W Nash. I have been sending you my personal information to join me up on this Beirut Connection. Would you please respond to this email so I will know I am reaching you. I am currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan and would like to get in touch with some fellow Beirut Vets prior to the 14th anniversary bombing. I was there during the 23 October bombing, I would like to communicate with some fellow "Vets". Please Respond. Respectfully, John W Nash, "Semper-fi"

NOTE: John, I tried responding and sending e-mail (unsuccessfully) to at the following address:
At this point, I have no way of reaching you other than if you happen to read this. Do you have an alternate e-mail address?
- Jeff Hamman -

First of all, "Thanks" a million for this web site on the Beirut Bombing. It really means a lot to me! It seems like there aren't too many us survivors still in the Corps. I am writing to see if I can get an update on the unit awards that were awarded to the servicemen who served in Beirut or off the shores of Beirut from 1982 -1985. I was with MSSG-24, 22nd MAU during the October 23rd Bombing. My unit was deployed from April 1983 to Dec 1983. I deployed two more times with MSSG-24 in 1984 and 1985. I feel very fortunate to have survived the Beirut tradgedy that struck us on Oct 23rd, 1983. The biggest question I have is, why weren't we awarded a Multi National and Peacekeeping Medal? After all, isn't that what we were sent there to do and isn't that why 241 servicemen were killed in their sleep? I feel we owe it to those who died as a rememberence to them, I feel this should have been the first medal awarded. Were weren't even awarded any type of Humanitarian Medal? Supposedly, the President of the United States was going to meet us at Paige field located on Camp Lejeune and award us the Presidential Unit Citation, well he never showed, nor have we received the ribbon. October 23rd is approaching us very soon, I wish I could leave Okinawa to be at the memorial. It would be great seeing you all again. I will be thinking of all of you and especially the families who lost their loved ones almost 14 years ago. My prayers are with you all. Thanks so much for this Beirut connection. Semper-Fi! - Gysgt John W Nash -

NOTE: John referred to this contact area as a Beirut connection. To make a distinction, there is an official organization called the Beirut Connection, formed for support of families of those killed. See: ORGANIZATIONS on this site.
- Jeff Hamman -


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