From Anthony Pierson:

Pierson, Anthony "Tony"
Contact with webmaster: 31 Jan 1999
Added to this database: 12 Feb 1999
Rank (at time): CPL / USMC
Rank (at EOS): CPL / USMC
Currently Living: Morgan, Utah USA
Lebanon Unit: Echo Co 2/6 Alpha Co 1/2 1983
Lebanon Deployment: Jan 83 - Dec 83
Association: Bombing of U.S. Embassy in Beirut, and Bombing of Marine Headquarters (both 1983)

Comments: I was with Echo company 2/6 line unit when I first went over to serve as the multi peacekeeping unit. My unit was the first ever unit to be deployed on an air alert status when the bombing of the U.S. Embassy happened. We were about 3 miles from the embassy when it happened. Being from Beirut, Lebanon originally, I was very proud to serve with the U.S Marines and wanted very much to serve both countries. If you look at the New York Times from April of 83. You will see what I look like. It was kind of funny how I got my picture in the paper that day. It was from a French journalist wanting so bad to get in the embassy when it was bombed.

I then transferred to Alpha Co. 1/2 when we went over for a second time after the bombing of the Marine headquarters. Although it was hard to see the people perish. I would never trade one day for it. I was Proud. "Semper Fi" to all you fellow Marines. Hope to hear from someone that was in my unit.

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